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Post  RobzVega (admin) on Tue Sep 02, 2008 9:37 am

Awareness is the ability to function at a certain level or dimension. If a dimension is the mind of a being existing as a time and a space, all the experiences in that dimension the being is aware of, and those experiences can be termed the being's awareness.

On the retraction of that dimension, the being will absorb all those experiences into the overall pool of awareness to heighten or expand his awareness. In a sense, a being's awareness is changing constantly for many events are occurring within that mind level to either add or detract from the general level of awareness which the being has.

Thus, our physical being is aware of nothing in this sense for it is an experience in itself, not a space for awareness. Our mind has part of its awareness encapsulated in this body at this level and thus, cannot retain any of the experiences which the body goes through, due to the various filtering mechanisms.

So part of our mind knows very little if anything at all but on retraction of this dimension as will soon occur, the part of the mind trapped here will be liberated and will be absorbed into the particular being's consciousness, and ultimately into the Being of Purity, to create a large increase in overall awareness.

If one is aware at a certain level, one is aware at all levels which are below its level of awareness but that beyond its level is incomprehensible to it.

We speak of 'being aware' at this physical level whereas in fact, with regard to this information, 'being aware' is merely determining the result of the experience. If you are spiritually 'aware' you may handle things differently to someone who is not. Thus, what is termed 'awareness' on the outer mind level is totally different to its 'true' meaning. On this level, when we are 'aware' we consider ourselves awakened to this Truth. While this is true, the word 'awareness' has a far deeper meaning. To be aware is to be able to retain a particular level of consciousness and this comes from the process of progressing upwards through greater awareness gained from expe

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