Some cool Paltalk glitches and tips! (Eric Admin)

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Some cool Paltalk glitches and tips! (Eric Admin) Vote_lcap100%Some cool Paltalk glitches and tips! (Eric Admin) Vote_rcap 100% 
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Some cool Paltalk glitches and tips! (Eric Admin) Vote_lcap0%Some cool Paltalk glitches and tips! (Eric Admin) Vote_rcap 0% 
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Some cool Paltalk glitches and tips! (Eric Admin) Vote_lcap0%Some cool Paltalk glitches and tips! (Eric Admin) Vote_rcap 0% 
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Some cool Paltalk glitches and tips! (Eric Admin) Empty Some cool Paltalk glitches and tips! (Eric Admin)

Post  LiL KnEe (Moderator) on Tue Sep 02, 2008 3:53 am

Being on Paltalk for literally more than 6 years I've come across some cool glitches... here are a few.

1.) *ERIC OWNED(i.e. first to find this out!)* Being able to nudge a user in DND mode! - I found this one out a while ago. It's pretty simple. Just go the their nickname on your buddylist or in the chat room and right click their name and select VIEW PROFILE, after that just scroll down and you will see "SEND OFFLINE MESSAGE" -- this means the user is in DND mode. Anyways, click it -- now you wont be able to PM the user until they respond back but just press the NUDGE button and it will go through regardless of the user's settings... pretty cool huh? Try it out. It's a great way to getting the attention of people on your buddy list who are DND mode and you need to get their attention.

2.) *ERIC OWNED(i.e. first to find this out!)* Bounce a room owner from their own room! - No one knows about this little trick. I've used it many times to close rooms. First you must have the FAST BOUNCER, which you can download from Now, this only works on rooms that have no admin list set up - basically a room that only requires the admin code to join the room has admin. Anyways, connect your FAST BOUNCER and select the room owner's name in the room, then, spam the shit outta them by rapidly pressing the BOUNCE button. This will literally send hundreds of "BLAH BLAH JUST TRIED TO BOUNCE YOU FROM THE ROOM: BLAH BLAH" notices. This will lag the user(room owner) and eventually due to the amount of bounces WILL BOUNCE THEM! from their own room! I've done this many times... the server to the room will also lag and will unknowningly bounce the room owner by default. This is a great trick to use when you wanna fuck some people over. But! If you want to add insult to injury and get the room closed, simply open the admin console before you begin your bounce attack on the room owner and once you see that the room owner has been bounced press "CLOSE ROOM" and paltalk will close the room. Period!

3.) Bypassing Help Lobby Red Dots! - Help lobbies never close has many of you know, which means they dont have a 24 hour dot follow up. Just create a new nickname and enter any help lobby red dot free.

4.) Easy Mic Jacking - Add the user you want to kick off the mic to your buddylist and nudge them, after that in the PM window press the "ADD AUDIO" button in the bottom right. This will automatically bring the PM window to the front of the screen on the person's computer and give you a chance you take the mic from them when it skips. But remember to add them first becuase nudges wont be sent when you just click on their name in the room. It will say they "APPEAR TO BE OFFLINE."

-- There is another way I use... and works a little bit better. Of course the person's list has to be open on all of these mic jacking tricks. -- Alright, so add the person and send a file request. Once the file request is sent and box disappears from your screen double click the push to talk button and hold the CTRL button -- the file request will appear on the other person's screen and give them a delay becuase of it. If you're on a narrowband connection then forget about it becuase Paltalk is not nice to dial up users.

-- (Update:08/25/2008) - I found another good way. Using the VA tool, click it on and then mute the room immediantly afterwards, leave the room on mute for about 10 seconds and then unmute the room. You should see the yourself with the microphone on top. Now, sometimes this doesn't work and you will notice that after about 30 seconds will probally be mic jacked by the person who was on the mic before but if you have a good connection you should be able to take the mic away from the person on it after about 15 seconds after you unmute the room. Just be sure to leave the VA on and don't touch it. If you are talking and all of a sudden are mic jacked after about a minute on the mic by the person before, then it didn't work. But, try it again.

5.) The Voice Activation Tool will get you on the mic... period! -- Those of you who have the Voice Activation tool know that it will get you the mic real quick and is a good mic jacker... BUT! Those of you who cant get it right away will notice that it seems you are on the mic but you think you arent.. the truth is... you are on the mic to certain people. On the new Paltalk 9.4. using the VA tool it will push you onto the mic regardless if there is somebody already on it. Most of you know what I mean becuase most of us have had been in a room where it seems two people are on the mic -- one person obvlious to the fact they is broadcasting to a handful of people in the room. This is a real bad move if you like the room becuase this will fuck up the room's audio. It will lag and skip like a mother fucker and the only way to make it stop is to close the room and re-open it again. So beware!

(Will be adding more tips later..
LiL KnEe (Moderator)
LiL KnEe (Moderator)

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